Friends are the fruitcake of life

I don’t want much for Christmas, I just want the person reading this to be happy. Friends are the fruit cake of life — some nutty, some soaked in alcohol, some sweet, but mix them together and they’re my friends. At Christmas you always hear people talking about what they want and bought. This is what I want: I want people who are sick with no cure to be able to have a cure. I want children with no families to be adopted. I want people to never have to worry about food, shelter, and heat. I want peace and love for everyone!

I borrowed that from my friend I will call- she who keeps it all together by herself, who had it as her status this morning. I will add Jobs for everyone who wants one, and pay raises for all teachers to that wish list for Christmas. Working with the teachers at my sons’ school has really opened my eyes to how much the teachers do for their classroom every day. They buy their own supplies for art projects, sometimes they get supplemented by the PTA, but mostly from their own pockets, they buy supplies for the cute little things our kids bring home for Christmas. Both of my boys have awesome teachers that are positive and reinforce good behavior by rewarding the kids.

In Joe’s class, the teacher gives them chips for doing their work quietly and staying on task. She also takes them away if they behave badly. The row or group with the most chips at the end of the day gets to pick a prize from the treasure box. She has an old chest that looks like it came from a pirate ship that is filled with first grade treasure. She has gum, bouncy balls, candy, stickers, and little toys. All kinds of different things that would motivate a first grader to behave so they can get some treasure lay in that chest. I have only seen inside it once. After the Halloween party, I was cleaning up and had too much candy to take home, so I asked the teacher if she needed anything for her treasure box and I got a peek while I was dumping a sack full of candy into it.

In Nikolas’s class, the teacher gives verbal acknowledgement to the children. She says things like “Oh that was good sharing”, “What a good job on cleaning up your area”, “Good job on listening and waiting your turn”. She also gives stickers for completing the homework assignments. Both of the teachers deserve a huge “Thank You” for all they do for our kids. I hope Santa and the parents at the school will make sure they have a very merry Christmas.


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